Artificial intelligence to take Sharecat platform to next level

A recently completed study done with IBM proves its great potential.

While our platform already provides significant benefits, applying artificial intelligence (AI) sets it up for a huge potential step forward.

This potential is the reason the Norwegian Cognitive Centre (NCC) proposed the evaluation study. Through applying IBM’s artificial intelligence technology – IBM Watson – AI’s significant potential was proven specifically for the Sharecat platform.

During the evaluation, we also conducted our own internal analysis, which showed that the improved handling of standardized product information is the same across asset-intensive industries — oil and gas, renewables, chemicals, process industries and shipping, among others.

The plan now is to further evolve the Sharecat platform to build on this success. AI will be implemented to increase its scalability, capacity and degree of automation.

“With strong and scalable solutions integrated as the basis of our cloud-based platform, we’ll be ready to achieve the goals for the company’s growth program that is already underway,” says Sharecat Solutions CEO Dag Pettersen.

As Sharecat continues to pioneer effective data digitalization for asset-intensive industries, a partnership with IBM has been established.

“We look forward to continuing our partnership with IBM to help simplify our customers’ needs for handling complex technical information and data normally ´trapped¨ inside PDF documents.” He adds, “Our technology does the heavy lifting for technical teams, and we’ll now simplify the work flow with artificial intelligence.”

For more details, please see the announcements by NCC and IBM (in Norwegian).

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