Big news for EqHub

All the major operators in the Norwegian sector now use EqHub as a common data hub.

We’re pleased to share some great news from our partner, the Norwegian Oil & Gas Association (Norsk Olje og Gass).  

The Norwegian Oil & Gas Association’s EqHub service, which is the flagship collaborative data hub application of Sharecat Solutions’ technology platform, has reached a major milestone. All the major operators in the Norwegian sector have signed up to use EqHub as a common data hub for using and sharing standard equipment data and information.

“This is a strong endorsement of the principals of improved efficiency through collaboration and digitalisation that we have embedded in our technology platform from the start,” says Dag Pettersen, CEO of Sharecat Solutions. “We are looking forward to continuing our support to the Norwegian Oil & Gas Association and their members in expanding and together further developing a world-leading solution built on our technology platform and our applied data science expertise”.

As the Norwegian Oil & Gas Association highlights, EqHub will enable operators in the Norwegian sector to reduce costs and improve efficiency through:

  • An improved and simplified way for suppliers to submit and maintain and users to collect and access equipment information.
  • Access to and sharing of quality-assured approved product and equipment documentation and data that enables digitalisation and simplifies work processes.
  • Sharing and reuse of information across companies for projects and operations.

The Norwegian Oil & Gas Association / Norsk Olje og Gass has posted an announcement in Norwegian.

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