Sharecat is now an approved GS1 partner

GS1 standards are the most globally used supply chain standards.  

“Our motivation for working with GS1’s standards is to evolve and further strengthen our products and services and work towards further standardization and utilization of data for our customers,” says Managing Director of Sharecat Solutions Dag Pettersen.

“We believe that this collaboration has great potential for both parties’ development through our complementary solutions and expertise,” he adds.

Head of GS1 Norway Smart Centre and Partner Program Anders Askevold agrees: “Through our joint focus and commitment to the oil and gas industry on the Norwegian shelf, we see that Sharecat and GS1 Norway have a lot to gain from collaborating. We are therefore very pleased to welcome Sharecat as the new main partner in our partner program.” 

Askevold explains, “With its expertise and solutions, Sharecat is helping to strengthen our foothold towards oil and gas and among the operators and their suppliers. In this way, Sharecat will contribute to increasing the spread of our open global standards, for the benefit of all involved in the oil and gas industry. We warmly welcome Sharecat and look forward to an exciting and strong collaboration in the future!”

Learn more about GS1 and what this global organization does.

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