Equinor Extends Services Agreement with Sharecat

Sharecat is pleased to announce the continuation of their successful work with Equinor with the extension of their services agreement to August 2022.

“We’re delighted to continue our strong relationship with Equinor,” says Jonny Smedvik, Sharecat’s Vice President of Projects and Services.

“Our continued support and co-operation with an energy industry leader such as Equinor is a vote of confidence in the unique capability and support that we offer and a testament to the quality and added value provided by the Sharecat team.”

The Sharecat services group has provided support for material management since 2010 in relation to Equinor’s projects and operating assets globally.

Digitalization with real value: Smarter, more collaborative AI/ML solutions

Our work with Equinor is a good example of one of the ways our team and tools can support energy projects.

As a company, Sharecat Solutions is actively developing and deploying artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and automation technologies to further enhance our products and services.

Most notably our flagship platform – the Global Information Exchange (GIE) is the world’s first and largest collaborative exchange of technical equipment information applying AI/ML and automation at its core.

The GIE is further complimented by additional smart products such as the soon to be released; electronic Spare Parts Interchangeability Record (eSPIR) which uses AI/ML to check, verify and enrich SPIR data processes.

Our technology, products, specialist domain knowledge and models enable re-use of information across multiple technology platforms and business processes, resulting in significant cost savings in materials management and manpower.

“We see huge opportunities for improving efficiency and reducing cost and we are thrilled to continue our journey toward a smarter, digital and more sustainable energy industry with Equinor as one of our clients,” says Smedvik.

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