Steady during COVID-19

Employees are the stars of Sharecat Solutions during this challenging time.

Like our customers and others across the world, Sharecat Solutions has had to adapt to doing business amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. This has gone well, and the company remains strong and on track.

“Our customers can absolutely rely on us,” says Sharecat CEO Dag Pettersen. “Some need extra support now and we’ve made sure they have that.”
He highlights employees as key to how well the company is doing. “Sick leave is down, and our team has delivered over and above targets so that we’re in fact more profitable than planned.”

As with many organizations, most of the Sharecat staff are working from home and having to deal with much that is not part of the typical workday, like small children,  spouses and pets. “I’m very impressed by our employees and how they’ve adapted to the virtual office setup,” says Pettersen.

New business

As of May, Sharecat had closed new business valued at over 40 million Norwegian kroner (4 million Euro) in 2020. This includes companies such as long-time clients Equinor and AkerBP, as well as new chemical industry client Covestro.

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