Deployment of SHAREcat for the chemical industry

The Sharecat Solutions team is setting up operations for its first chemical industry client, a world-leading supplier of chemical products based in Germany.

Listed on the stock exchange, this company has thousands of  employees worldwide and produces solutions and materials for use in daily modern life. Driven by a need for innovation and sustainability, its supply chain is complex and includes many additional industries as partners.

SHAREcat, our cloud service for technical vendor information, is being configured for use on a series of modification projects scheduled to take place over the next few years. The client’s engineering contractor and suppliers are also involved so that all are integrated into a single workspace.

Following the configuration, training for the client on the system will begin. This will make them “ready to go” in May or June.

Helping more industries

“This effort  is aligned with our strategy that our solutions apply to many industries,” says CEO Dag Pettersen. “In effect, we are executing a contract that validates this thinking.”

While the demanding oil and gas industry is where Sharecat Solutions proved itself, other industry verticals can greatly benefit from its offerings. As with oil and gas, the chemical industry is complex and contains thousands of components for use in an extensive supply chain process.

“We’re also in dialogue with companies in many industries – nuclear, offshore wind, renewables and more,” adds Pettersen.

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