Powering up IT

Sharecat Solutions is increasing capacity and capability thanks to a clever arrangement with Itera, a specialist in creating digital business.

An agreement was signed this fall and an Itera team member is already embedded at Sharecat headquarters. This person is a bridge to the external core team that supports Sharecat at Itera.

“This way of working extends our development so that we are as effective and efficient as possible at maintaining, further developing and renewing our existing products, as well as creating new ones,” says Sharecat VP Products & Technology Stein Tore Nysveen. “The key is the scalability of our software – a definite plus for our customers.”

He continues, “Among many advantages, we are now linked to a diverse knowledge base beyond our own environment and can quickly add in even more resources as needed. To clarify, we’re not outsourcing our product knowledge but rather expanding our IT competency that supports them.”

Hybrid model

Itera is excited by the collaboration and inspired by the output it’s already shown. “Our hybrid delivery model combines the best of working onsite with our customers and still having the scalability and advantages of a distributed team,” explains Itera’s Director Strategic Accounts & New Markets Odd H. Khalifi. “It also means Itera has the ability to easily integrate other disciplines by utilizing our company’s multidisciplinary diversity.”

“Working together as one team is going really well,” says Nysveen. “Itera’s knowledge of new technologies has been particularly inspiring.”

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