Committed to Aker BP

Earlier this year Aker BP signed a contract with Sharecat Solutions that takes the two companies into their 18th year of doing business together.

“You can do a lot of innovative work together when you have the kind of trust and knowledge of each other that builds up over that length of time,” says Sharecat CEO Dag Pettersen.

He points to EqHub, the Norwegian oil and gas single-sourced technical information hub, as an example.

“Aker BP (then BP Norway) was pivotal to EqHub’s establishment. It’s an idea we were excited about and had worked on for years when we were ready to prove it in the field. This is one of the companies that said yes. The hub concept requires competitors to agree to share equipment and spare parts data so trust is a key component all around.”

Today the industry as a whole benefits from EqHub, and similar hubs have now been set up using Sharecat’s systems and technical solutions in other countries.

“We sincerely appreciate the trust Aker BP has consistently shown,” says Pettersen. “We remain committed and excited about doing work that ensures their data is the best quality possible.”

Aker BP’s latest contract was for the renewal of their document and tag management system, EqHub services and material management services.

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