2018 was a great year

Sharecat Solutions’ consolidated business figures for 2018 were recently released. VP of Finance Terje Hauso gives an overview.

“While our revenue has been stable for a few years, 2018 was our most profitable in recent time,” explains Hauso  “Earnings before interests, tax and depreciation (EBITDA) increased by close to 400% compared to the previous year and as percentage of revenue, it also increased to 17 % in 2018.

The reasons for this impressive result and turnaround are many – a restructuring the previous year, continued expansion of client relationships, new clients, new staff to manage growth and quite a bit of working smarter.

The positive trend from 2018 is continuing into 2019 and Sharecat Solutions is positioned for further growth. Hauso says, “We’re excited about what the future will bring as we are working on several opportunities where we bring value to not just companies but also entire industries.”

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