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project time savings
Reduction of information
handling efforts for projects
operational time savings
Reduction of
information handling efforts
for existing assets
less documentation
Reduction of documentation
cost savings
Reduction of cost for
spare parts
Supplier data EXCHANGE

Assets you currently own and new ones being built present different data quality challenges. Our approach addresses this reality so that you can trust that only the best supplier information is available in your systems. To put it simply, we clean up existing messes and maintain data quality going forward, as well as ensure nothing of bad quality is ever allowed into your new supplier chain.

Collaboration, sharing and reuse are key components of this solution. Most of an asset’s components are bought and once an item’s quality has been secured its data is available to all via SHAREcat. All private information is safeguarded during the process. Operational efficiency benefits all.

Improved work efficiency
Reduced data delivery schedules
Reduced spare parts cost
Reduced documentation volumes
Reduced risk
Data completeness, quality
and consistency
Optimized inventories
Supplier data stakeholders

Supplier data is key to supporting multiple business functions for owner operators, contractor and suppliers. Different functions have different information requirements. For example, procurement needs less information than engineering, but both rely on the same data source.
Sharecat’s holistic life cycle approach supports the information requirements and business needs of all stakeholders. By working from a “single source” of information, unnecessary duplication of efforts is eliminated and supplier data problems are solved from the perspective of multiple users.

supplier data
Spare Parts Management
Asset integrity
SHAREcat technology

SHAREcat is a proven cloud service. A safe and scalable environment to support customers around the world, it can integrate with any customer IT system through a set of standard interfaces. To use SHAREcat, a short customer setup that typically takes no more than one day is all that is required, and you are ready to go.

We have proven our commitment to professional and best-practice information security management and are certified according to the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard. See our Information Security Policy and our General Data Protection Policy for more details.


Standardization is central to getting the full benefit of supplier data, especially when it comes to securing quality, completeness and transfer between systems. You can compare it to the importance of speaking the same language – different systems and computers need to fully understand each other to access and use each other’s data.
At Sharecat, we enable standardization by using our own standard, which has a long track record and supports all stakeholders. We can also use any customer or international standard and have designed our system to support exchange of information across different standards wherever relevant. This means information can be set up using one standard and still be viewed by those who rely on other standards. Suppliers thus benefit from establishing information once regardless of the standard required by different customers.

ISO 15926
ISO 8000
Industry Initiatives
Industry Initiatives


E&P Information Management Association (EPIM) has created EqHub as a technical information repository for operators, contractors and suppliers on the Norwegian Continental shelf. The SHAREcat technology is what makes this work.

Asset intensive industries like oil & gas, petrochemical and power are all familiar with poor quality and hard-to-find information about equipment and parts. This frustrating situation results in the waste of too much time and money. Significant gains are to be had by collaborating to find a common solution.

An industry-wide, single-sourced technical information hub with standardized data where equipment and spare parts information is maintained and shared is the answer. This hub gives access to validated, quality-assured information that can be shared whenever it’s needed.

Sharecat provides the solutions that make such initiatives possible and is an active player to help make them happen. We are working closely with industries in the UK, Norway, USA and Australia to develop and operate regional hubs that can share information and gain benefits from each other by utilizing the SHAREcat technology.

UK Hub

Together with some of the UK Continental Shelf’s leading oil & gas operators and contractors, Sharecat Solutions has launched the UK Hub. It enables greater collaboration between companies in this region’s oil & gas industry by creating a single source of equipment information that can be shared across the industry.


There is a lot happening at Sharecat Solutions and we’d like to share as much as we can with you. Knowledge exchange is after all at the heart of what we do.

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We’re passionate about data at Sharecat. Since 1993 our customers have benefitted from our passion for what we can do with technical supplier information. The demanding oil & gas industry is where we got our start and road tested our solutions. We have worked closely with the largest operators in that industry, which has allowed our solutions to evolve and be proven.
Over the years, more than 30 major oil & gas owner operators have used our solutions globally.

Continuous adaptation and innovation is our priority, leading us to now be able to expand our products and solutions to multiple industries. Sharing and collaboration are at the heart of the SHAREcat concept. We have made a point to develop our products and solutions in close cooperation with our customers, listening carefully to all feedback. And we'd like yours as well. What do you think? What are your needs? Get in touch!

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